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  • manandbytes 10:25 on June 30, 2010 Постоянная ссылка |
    Метки: , jgit, netbeans   

    NBGit with the latest JGit 0.8.4 

    NBGit, a module for the NetBeans IDE that adds support for working with the Git version control system, still uses an age-old version of the JGit library. But now NBGit uses the latest JGit 0.8.4:

    • JGit’s JARs, license, credits etc were updated, all usages of org.spearce.jgit.* packages were changed to org.eclipse.jgit.*, two simple methods for test case were overrided, removed couple calls to org.eclipse.jgit.lib.Repository’s refreshFromDisk(). By the way, kudos to Shawn Pearce for great commit message😉
    • JCraft’s Jsch removed from the NBGit’s distribution because NetBeans 6.8+ provides ‘Java Secure Channel integration’ module that wraps up Jsch.

    I’ve pushed my changes to GitHub (yes, ‘build from the sources’ is the single option for now) and there are actually two changesets to be considered:

    Two screenshots of NBGit in action, on both NetBeans 6.8 and 6.9:

  • manandbytes 16:16 on June 17, 2010 Постоянная ссылка |

    Don’t ever customize a default face with custom-set-faces?! 

    A while back I spent some time trying to figure out why emacsclient under X Windows woun’t start new windows (AKA frames) any more with a cryptic error message:

    *ERROR*: Arithmetic error

    It turned out that the cause of this problem was… a default font’s customization. Emacs provides a standard way to customize it’s own configration via a bunch of customize-* functions and one of them is a customize-face function. As it provides a standard UI for changing font’s parameters why not using it? So I changed the default face‘s font and this customization was stored like

      '(default ((t (:family "Comic Sans MS" :foreground "pink" :weight bold)))))

    What parameters you’re trying to customize nor their actual values doesn’t matter. It just prevents emacsclient from starting a new window.

    There is another way to configure a default font using .Xresources file by adding something like emacs.font: Consolas-12. Or may be it’s even better to leave a default face alone and customize just fixed-pitch and variable-pitch faces?

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