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  • manandbytes 00:00 on January 30, 2011 Постоянная ссылка |
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    Hudson is dead. Long live Jenkins! 

    Who’s driving this thing? Community, I hope. Andrew Bayer just posted the vote results on renaming Hudson to Jenkins (more details). What does this mean for me personally?

    So what does this mean now? Well, it means Jenkins lives.

    Well, no more «hudson» in my vocabulary, not a big deal 😉

    we will be renaming the existing Google Groups

    Four mail filters should be updated in GMail, not a problem.

    and renaming our organization at Github from hudson to jenkinsci.

    Well, I’ve forked Hudson/Jenkins and some plugins on Github. Will Github rename base repositories or have I drop and fork them again? For sure, I’m on my own with my local repositories, I have to change couple of git remotes.

    Hudson is dead. Long live Jenkins!

  • manandbytes 22:55 on July 16, 2010 Постоянная ссылка |
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    Compare two branches on GitHub 

    Just found out that after pushing a new branch to a project hosted on GitHub you can see the diff between this branch and main integration branch:

    • push new branch
    • go to your home page and check out ‘Public Activity’ section
    • click on the link like ‘Compare trunk branch with master’

    This will show you new commits in the just created branch:

    It’s also possible to explicitly select branches to compare under ‘Source’ tab:

    • switch to the first branch with ‘Switch Branches’
    • go to ‘Branch List’ and select the second branch

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