Don’t know how to move to Git? 

We started out with SVN mostly because that was what everyone was used to. A year ago or so, one of our remote developers started using a git-svn mirror to remove some of the latency issues they had with SVN. Someone else put together a ten page wiki on how to easily use a git-svn mirror and push back to the canonical SVN repo. As time went on, interest in git grew and new modules were created in git, instead of our SVN repositories. Finally there was a push to move everything to git.

It’s not a problem for a new codebase, but preserving all history (with authors as well) may be critical for existing ones. If you are not sure how to convert your existing SVN repositories into Git, Goodbye SVN, Hello Git from Sonatype provides a background why they moved to Git and a step-by-step instructions.